Best workout eqipment at home

Best workout eqipment at home

How many of you just feel as if some people were born to workout because they are always in the gym or doing some type of cardio? Raises hand! Working out starts out as a thought then it SHOULD become an action. Like us humans, we put it off for tomorrow and tomorrow is never here. Let's start putting those thoughts into action.

Some may feel out of place when working out at the gym because others are looking at them being judgmental. Not always the case. if you're one of those individuals who feel this way, I have a simple solution for you and it's in the comforts of your own home.

Equipment I found useful at home are:

  1. Full Laundry detergent/ clorox bottles-

With these items, you're able to do weighted squats, lunges, over head arm press, and more. Just make sure that the caps are on TIGHT to prevent any mishaps.

  1. Storage box/ laundry basket-

A few bicep curls won't hurt. Getting those gunz ready to showoff.

  1. Backpack-

If you have some bricks, full water bottles, or anything to add weight to your sack place it in there and take a walk. This will help with your legs and back. Make sure you are walking tall and not slumped over.

  1. Curbside/ steps-

Use your own steps or curbside to workout those legs with some calf raises or use it for elevated push-ups.

    5. Stretching tube-

Tubes can be used as weights. The tighter you hold it, more resistance. This can be used with your legs and arms. WATCH OUT, be sure to hold it tight or you will pop yourself which won't be a good feeling.

If you have any workouts you do at home, drop them down in the comments to share with others.

Thanks for listening to your body.


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