Speak to your body in a loving way. It'll return the favor. -M. D. Anderson


Ever heard of the slogan, "You are what you eat"? Pretty sure you have but this statement is full of truth. Not convinced? We'll check this out, Try consuming junk food (burgers, fries, fried foods, sodas, juice, and etc) everyday for a week or two consecutively. How would you feel? I PRAY you didn't say fine?! Pathetic would be more like it. As those foods TRY to digest, they are also absorbing into your skin and pores which wouldn't be a pleasant aroma. What about your urine? The odor and color alone will tell you a thing or two about yourself.

Your metabolism slows down, start feeling sluggish, health problems, and the list goes on.

The forthcoming weeks, I will be helping my fellow BODY SPEAKERS with meals.

"I am NOT a nutritionist." These are some tips that work along with alternatives.

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